June Rain


June Rain is a time capsule, not just of the 1960s as experienced by a young teenager, but of a more distant time and place as well, when romance novels were not mass marketed love stories for the lonely, but rather were stirring examinations of love, society, God, and nature, proposing the authors' ideas of where men and women fitted into the whole of it all. Such a book as these gems is Knightley's novel.

The author has created a short, elegant love story. Interspersed between coming of age episodes in the life of Dante, a high school student, is the tale of another journey that takes place in a single day, yet is at the same time the culmination of many youthful soul searchings done by Knightley's thoughtful protagonist. Both stories are pleasing and meaningful.

June Rain moves slowly and charmingly, full of sweet remembrances and tender moments, the heart of which is the story of first love as it grows into true love. The characters are winsome and the voyage alluring. Mr. Knightley writes well and yet with a modern spareness. He explores his key ideas—love, hope, God—with care, subtly inviting the reader to examine and share his ideas and revelations, without ever forcing his conclusions on anyone. His touch is gentle though his points are eternal.

Settle down next to the fireplace, or sit in your favorite chair with a cup of tea and read this book. You will be charmed.

– Rev. William G. Houser, Ph.D.
Author, Who Is This Jesus Christ?